We all have “pet” names for our fur littles. Silly little names and nicknames.

I call my dogs all sorts of names;  Cuddle bum, Puddin, FlufferNutters, Doofus, Boober, Monkey Butt, Baby Boy/Girl, Mr. Handsome,  My Loves, Fuzzy Little Fraggle, Crazy Daisy, Sweetie Wheatie, etc….

What I find funny is what Wheaton gets called by other people….a few people call him “Winston” cause they can’t remember his name is Wheaton. My boss calls him “Bosco” for some reason. And now my other boss is calling him “Verne” based on a conversation we had about naming your children after your grandparents…I only have dogs but if I had had human babies I may have named one after my beloved grandpa Verne….therein lies the name switch from Wheaton to Verne.

I didn’t pick his name. Wheaton came to us as “Wheaton”. The rescuers at FAAR named him upon the time of his rescue.  In fact I had several other name options of what I was gonna change it too. But then he came to visit and he just was Wheaton. It just fit him perfectly. No other name would do.

I will still call him “Monkey Butt” and “Mr. Handsome” though!!

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