The park is sloppy place when your furry belly is only 4 inches from the ground. 

One particular little man likes puddles. And mud. 

I mentioned before that Wheatie never met a puddle he didn’t like! 

Straight to the tub with ya little buggers. 

There’s sand…..everywhere. It’s our new routine….park walk….then make a mess of the backseat of Momma’s car, get home and go straight into the tub for an under carriage wash. They’re use to it now. 

I think the dirtier Wheaton gets the prouder he is! 

He’s so darn cute! 
Handsome mucky little devil!!! 

He just stands in the tub and patiently waits for me to clean him up. Like he knows this is the trade off for getting so dirty. I guess he figures it’s worth it!

They have a grooming appointment in a couple weeks…..then it’s shave time!  

With warmer weather coming this week I’m pretty sure the walk-mucky-tub routine is going to continue. 

All good. If being mucky makes my little guy happy…we gotta do what makes him happy. 

Enjoying Spring!