Being a dog is tough work. Exhausting work. Wheaton will sleep anywhere as long as he can squeeze in beside his sister. 

I find it so adorable when I look over at his different sleeping positions. He just makes it work. Daisy rules the dog bed. Wheatie just fits himself in wherever he can.

The weather is getting warmer, a bit drier (in some places), so our walks are getting longer. We hit up the park every day after work and even though the trails are all too mucky we still walk the loop road around. Wheaton gets to bark at the geese…aside from tromping through mud puddles, barking at geese is his next favourite park activity! 

Daisy’s favourite park activity is to give strangers her best Oscar performance as the “hard done by dog” to evoke sympathy and get belly rubs! She gets total strangers to stop in their tracks and rub her tummy! It’s her gift. She nails it every single time! She’s the Meryl Streep of dogs. 

Oh, and just in case anyone is counting down on their wall calendar….we are just under 7 weeks till camping season opens up!