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Well…it wasn’t a real hike being that it’s an asphalt path but it was through the grasslands and forest in a provincial park so it was closer to a hike than our walks in our local neighbourhood park. Real hiking trails are too mucky still.

Not that the dogs didn’t get messy!

Of course they did!

Wheaton the most of course!

We’ve got Bailey for the weekend. Our 10 kilometre hike this morning wore her out! The three of them loved it!
I loved it. I was born to be outside in the forest. The smell of the trees and the earth and the sound of the wind through the tall grass and the trees. The forest is my happy place and that has been passed on to my doggies. Daisy has been a hiking dog since her first hike at just a few months old….and Wheaton has taken to it like he’s been doing it all his life.

Sorry Wheatie….no off roading this time…we have to stick to the asphalt path!

It was great this morning to get out. To be in the trees. The fresh air. The fur littles trotting along with their little butts wiggling and their tails wagging. It was just the start of our favourite time of year coming up…the hiking and camping season….just less than 7 weeks to go and hiking Sunday’s starting up now!  

Look at this scenery….I know it’s not green and lush yet but it’s still beautiful in my eyes. There was this part of the path that goes through the cedar trees and the smell of the cedar is so lovely.

The cedar needles under our feet, the sun warming up the sap and bringing out the aroma of the trees. I love when we can start getting out on the trails. Daisy totally knows the difference…when we’re at our local park she gives up halfway and wants to be picked up. But this morning, 10k without any hesitation. We encountered a few other people with dogs and Wheaton didn’t have an out of control freak out…just a little fit. Mostly he just got right back to walking as soon as they passed by. See, we have our almost normal walk moments.  Maybe it was just the distraction of all the interesting smells?

So, we took a gray overcast gloomy morning and turned it into a beautiful hike through nature! Sounds perfect to me!

Perfection. And now I have three pooped out pups. Time for a cup of tea and a made-for-tv movie….we earned our couching for this afternoon.

Have a lovely day!!