This week has been weird….in the best way possible. image

I was sitting here on the couch watching TV. Blanket, tea, dogs in their spots which is Daisy on my lap and Wheatie just at my feet. Then Wheatie sat up, looked right at me and gave a little tremble. I asked him, “What’s up baby boy?” He trembled again. So I asked, ” do you want a cuddle?”. Surprisingly the answer was YES! He climbed up and over me till he was right up in my arms and he curled up.

Who is this dog??????? image

Then I thought this was a one off but he did it again the next evening. Then he did it when we went to bed. Then the third evening. He steps over Daisy and comes right up to my arms. I planted a million kisses on his little head. My precious little guy. Momma’s boy!

My boss, the one who likes to lie on the floor and cuddle the dogs a few times throughout the work day, even he commented on how Wheatie seems to have turned over a new leaf. He’s less “flinchy”.

Over the weekend while at a family dinner, Wheatie was on the couch with my sister and her man (G) and Wheatie was sitting there letting G pet him and stroke his head and neck. image

Maybe, just maybe we’ve turned a little corner…again.

I love my babies. They are my life. And I’m so proud of them both.