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It’s that time again….time for the Summer shave.


Naked Dogs

They were both so scruffy looking from our messy Spring walks at the park and a Winter of sweaters and boots causes some fur mats. Plus, as our hiking season begins so does tick season….and I want to see those little blood sucking bastards before they latch on to my fur littles!!!

They look so different when they’re naked dogs. So little. And pink. Haha. And with their ears done “to the leather” Wheatie looks like Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter.



Master has given Dobby clothes….Dobby is a free elf.





It’s always a bit of a shock when I pick them up at the groomer…..a good shock….a cuteness overload shock! They’re so little under all the fluffy scruffy fur!!! I forget how little, especially Daisy! She’s just a tiny pip squeak!

But now we’re set! Bring on the hiking……and in 5 weeks we will be having our weekend lie in…..in the camper!!!!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend….we’re off to the park now.