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Remember the movie The Neverending Story with Falkor the Luck Dragon?


Do you see a similarity?

My Wheatie boy looks like a luck dragon….he’s my Falkor…without the scales of course! And like Falkor, he likes to get a good scratch behind his ear! image


It’s been a slow week. We chill. We walk. Daisy & Wheatie wrestle and play. We snuggle. We eat. We snuggle more.

We’re closer to the start of camping season. Coming up to just 4 weeks away. I took the camper out of the garage this past weekend just to make sure no rodents made a home out of my camper over the Winter months. Good news….no droppings were spotted inside. I will need to open it right up to makes sure but I crawled in and checked the floor around the cabinets….and no surprises.

Now…we just keep waiting. My little Luck Dragon and my baby girl.