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Oh my boy is so snugly now. He just wants to be with his Momma. 

And let me tell you….I’m one proud Momma.

He wants to climb up and be close to me. He likes to be up against me. He comes and asks for cuddle time. 

I thought maybe it could have just been a phase but no…he keeps coming to his Momma. I’m so pumped about this forward step. I love my boy feeling so safe. This is what you wish for with a rescue dog. Every moment where they feel confident, where they feel safe, where they come to you with their tail wagging, is a moment hard earned. 

This moment is 2 years 5 months in the making. 

I love every chance he takes to; get closer, sit beside me, put his paw on my hand, lick my arm when he sits there beside me. These are all things that I never thought Wheaton would do….if you had told me that that terrified scruff of a dog that slowly came out of that kennel that day would one day lick my hand and ask for cuddles….I would have told you “ya right”. 

I didn’t teach him to do that. In fact I really haven’t “taught” Wheaton anything. He doesn’t “sit”, he doesn’t “stay”, he doesn’t do any tricks. I just let him be his own dog. He spent 4 years in puppy mill hell. He’s allowed to just BE  now. He figured out how to walk on a leash because that’s what we do. I prefer if he’s not an asshole when he sees other dogs on our walks….and we have a little chat about that….I prefer if he doesn’t bark at clients when they come to the office but they too learn his story and understand his bark comes from his insecurity. I’d like him to not pee when I leave the room and that’s something that has good days and bad days. But teaching him to do things is not what we’re about. I have respected his space and boundaries since day 1. 

The fact that he tells me that he would like a snuggle is all his doing. And that is what makes it all that much more awesome. He wants this of his own free will. He made that decision because he gained a little more confidence and feels a little bit safer. I provided that space for him. 
I love these furry creatures more than anything. I truly feel it is my purpose in life to provide the best life for them for as long as they will have me. 

I feel blessed to be their Momma. I’m very lucky. 

In love and in kindness.

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton