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The fur littles got a very special treat last night…..I tried something new for their dinner.

They had raw sirloin strip on a bed of turmeric seasoned quinoa with kale and zucchini….with a little beef gravy. 

They eat better than I do! I had a Caesar Salad from a bag!  

Can you say happy! Like little wolves with their lips smacking and their teeth shredding the flesh! Hahah. 

Well, not really shredding. I diced it up only cause they would swallow it whole. They devoured the sirloin. And wanted more! I let Wheatie sniff the whole slab of meat and he snatched it and ran! I got it back from him. 

I mixed it with the quinoa and veg cause the straight meat protein is too much for Daisy’s digestive system to handle…she needs fibre. 

I love my little canines! 

I figured this made up for the last week cause I had to supplement their homemade with mixing in kibble to stretch it till I could make more. I think they have forgiven me. 

They had more for breakfast Now they rest in their living sunbeam. 

Happy little doggies with full tummies. I think they’re pleased. 

Enjoy the day everyone.