A very dear friend asked me to dog sit. It was going to be for a week. It was going to include a weekend. The second weekend of camping season to be exact. I was torn. On one hand these people are such good friends…..on the other hand camping is my time. 

Now, some of you are asking….”why not just take their dog camping with you?”

Well….it’s not just any dog…..it’s the wiener. Zoe the wirey wiener. Very high energy and very much not liked by Daisy. That much energy and crazy just doesn’t seem to be what I want in my camper. Plus I don’t trust the little wiener so I don’t want her getting loose out at the campground! 

So I said no. I’m not good at saying no. I gave them the info for two very good “dog hotels”. I apologised. They totally understood but I still felt bad. Correction. The people pleaser in me felt bad. The me who works hard for those quiet days off, that will be spent in our camper just chillin with the fur littles, didn’t feel bad at all. 

A few times a little internal voice popped up and said, “are you sure you can’t just do your friends a favour?” but another voice over ruled……that was the voice of my soul. That’s the voice I need to listen to.  

Plus, nothing against that crazy wiener, but I think Daisy and Wheaton would appreciate my “no”. 

In the end, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. 

When it comes to camping….I was blessed enough to get a great placement in the draw. Then I was super blessed to get my first choice site! To be honest…I don’t want to be at home one single weekend!! I know things are gonna come up….my sister is due to birth my nephew sometime in the first half of July so there’s a good chance baby is gonna override some camping but that’s really the only concrete reason I would give up my precious coveted camping time. 

2 weeks and 2 days. Corny the Camper is ready. I’ve got my gear checked. Lists are made. Hell, I have all but packed my backpack and cooler! 

As always, I leave you with love and kindness.