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We have Bailey the Min Pin mix this weekend. It’s Sunday so we headed to Birdshill Park this morning…..for a mucky hike through the Cedar Bog trail! img_7202-2

It started off well. All feet/paws were dry. So far so good….but I know this trail….they don’t call it Cedar BOG for no reason.

And then we got to the bog part. There was no way around. I scooped a fur little under each arm and Bailey was on her own.

First obstacle done. Couple more soggy situations…..and then I put the little white flurries down to maneuver around some puddles on their own. Aaaaand then we came around another bend and it was bog everywhere……

I scooped the littles up again and Bailey and I had no choice but to trudge straight through. Bailey loved it!! I’m glad I carried Daisy and Wheaton because in some places they would have been swimming, not puddle jumping. Haha.

Once one foot has been suctioned into the muddy bog….you might as well just commit and giver!! It was fun.

The dogs were pooped out. It was a great morning.