Wheaton has started a new thing….a whine. He does this while in the car. I think he has it figured out that on the way home from work we go to the park….he’s loving the park. It’s kind of adorable. It’s a quiet little whimper. When we get to the park and I start to drive slow, he knows. Then he lets out his little whine….just one. I look back and he’s already waiting to be unbuckled from his seat belt harness…..he turns and stands up with his front paws against the back of the backseat. I know right! Adorable. It’s his communication.

I park the car…..and he is giddy to get out and sniff the park! “Let’s go Momma!!! Let’s go!!! I’ve got things to sniff…and pee on!”

I love his furry little head!

Every single day I am grateful for Daisy & Wheaton.