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Well, we are officially seasonal campers now. The camper is all set up and we are settled into our home away from home.

The routine is outlined…as often as possible I will frantically pack up Thursday after work and we will get out to the camper. I don’t hurry well. My anxiety tends to over take and I get really stressed….but once I am on the road I settle knowing that we are headed to the camper, you know, to rest and relax! Exactly what I need. I’m sure the process will get better once the routine gets more established. The first weekend to set up was May long weekend and the first Thursday after work departure was just last week. A little better planning and we’ll have this routine going smoothly.

Wheatie travelThis is the look that says it all…are we there yet. No dogs are more chill in the car than my dogs. Buckled in, all cozy, ready to….zzzzzzzzzzz

Wake us when we get there Momma.

Actually they know when we get there, as soon as the car slows down they wake up and Wheatie looks out the window. Then he gives a little whine and looks at me. I unroll the window and he sticks his nose out and gives a sniff…he turns back and looks at me….

“Hey, Momma, we’re at the camping place!”

We’ve got two weekends under our seasonal belt now. Both have been cold and rainy. Like see your breath in the air cold. So cold that Wheatie was under the sleeping bag with Daisy & me. I had to coax him under…but once he felt how warm and cozy it was under that big fluffy sleeping bag…he wasn’t going anywhere!

We did get a couple nice mornings where we were able to use our path down to the shore and walk along the rocks to the dog beach. The dogs rip around in the sand and chase each other. Then we walk the beach to the hiking trail. We get to the end and take the road back to the marina and then the trail back to the campground. It’s a nice hour long walk & hike. A great way to start our morning. As the Summer comes, and the weather warms (and dries) up, we will have many more of our morning shoreline walks.

We’ve also had only a couple dry evenings to be able to enjoy a campfire. We’ll get more of those too! All in all, a cold wet start but I’m happy with it all. The site itself couldn’t be more perfect. Now if all the other campers would just go away…..that was the best thing about getting there on Thursday evening…hardly anyone else around! I’m a quiet camper. I wish everyone else was too! 🙂