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Honest, sometimes I look over at my littles and I feel an overwhelming love wash over me. Their little faces, their little paws and noses and their wiggly bums and wagging tails. Their soft pink bellies and their floppy velvety ears. They have these beautiful brown eyes that light up when I touch the treat jar! I love when they snuggle up to me and start falling asleep…and then they let out a little sigh. Because they are safe, and they know it. Protected. Loved.

They are my life, my loves, my babies. I am their protector, their provider, their Momma.

It is my main goal to make them happy, to keep them healthy. And to make sure they have the best life possible. Everything folks do for their children.

How is it any different for the furry ones?

It’s not. Period.

imageSometimes it’s just so much that I have to share with all of you. Please, hug your fur littles. Love them unconditionally, you are all they have. Honour that love. Be worthy of that love. Our time with them is far too short, make the absolute best of that time.