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Last weekend we had a little paw accident. In his awkward chaotic leap from the entranceway, while at Uncle Michael and Uncle Rob’s trailer, Wheaton’s nail must have got caught. So he made the leap but left behind the nail. Ouch right!!!! I mean when I saw the nail fall off in my hand I cringed. All I could think of was how much it hurts just to rip my fingernail down to bleeding. Poor dude didn’t whimper or yelp, he just held his foot up for me to help him.


This happened on the Saturday night so I had to do my best doctoring with my camper first aid kit. He walked around with gauze and a ziploc baggy boot to keep it dry. He didn’t seem too bothered. I guess, in the grand scheme of his past life, this was a minor pain? I was taking it hard.

First thing Monday morning I popped into our vet clinic to get them to check it and make sure it wasn’t getting infected. They cleaned it up and shaved all the fur around his toe. As in the above pictures. He pooped on the vet technician. He fear farts…and sometimes when he’s really nervous he drops a little warning turd. So, $146 later, his toe was cleaned and checked and wrapped again. I had done well.  The vet said it was clean and dry and the nail bed was still intact….his nail will grow out again. Phew.

For the next week or two he needs to soak his little paw in a warm Epsom salt “bath” for 5-10 minutes and then I need to apply some antibacterial cream and wrap it up with gauze and bandages. Yes. Soak his foot for 10 minutes. I thought that was gonna be a wet mess but turns out….Sir enjoys a warm foot soak at the end of a long day. Who knew??


Now we are back out at the trailer, I’m not going to unwrap and wrap his paw every day out here just because it’s not exactly sanitary so the less chance of dirt and debris getting in around that nail wound the better.

imageHe does like to milk his walking wounded scenario! I know he can manage just fine cause when it’s time to eat he runs to the food bowl without the slightest limp!!! But after, he’s all hopping and limping!! My little drama king! No worries, he still gets treats for the performance! And some extra cuddles and kisses. Even Daisy felt sympathetic and gave up the dog bed so he could stretch out! What a good big sister!!

Poor Wheatie, all this fuss…………it’s exhausting.