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Look at this guy….he’s pretty pumped about getting going.

Let’s go Momma…..


I said….Let’s GO!

On Thursdays after work we’re pretty anxious to GTFO (get the f**k out) of town. Our Hecla time is ending soon. I have done my best to make the most of this camping season….having a seasonal site has been awesome. We have one more weekend left and so far the weather network is saying rain rain rain…I hope that changes by the time Wednesday night rolls around.

It’s perfect. Every weekend that we’re there, weather permitting, I get us up and we take a nice long hike/walk, this past weekend was gorgeous…and we started every morning with an hour  & 1/2 to 2 hour long hike walk. It may be the same few hiking trails and the same shoreline but it never gets old. Always new smells for the fur littles to investigate, and new rocks for me to hunt for along the shore. It makes us all happy!

I know the dogs love these little ventures. They run, they dig, they chew sticks, they chase each other….you know…dog stuff! Stuff they need to do but don’t get from a regular walk around the block or even through the park. I mean look at this little face…..

He loves the play, the freedom. He’s having so much fun. I swear he’s smiling!

I love when he’s just able to be a dog. No issues. No scars. No past.

Just a dog having all the fun! It makes my heart happy! ❤️