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It’s so sad when camping season ends. Our seasonal site out at Hecla closed up mid Septemeber but I had one more weekend booked out at Kiche Manitou. This was the lastest in the year that I’ve ever booked….thanksgiving weekend. Of course here in the middle of the Prairies you take the risk that thanksgiving weekend could bring snow…..it will most definitely bring nights that drop to zero or below zero.

We were extremely lucky, all the rain that was forecasted totally missed us! The days were gorgeous. We had temps in the low to mid teens and sunshine to brighten our days! We started every morning with hours of hiking. Long walks through the prairie desert, wandering trails through the forest, exploring gravel roads, it was perfect.

Then we would come back to the site, get the fire roaring and toasty and then curl up on the lounge chair with books and tea and a big cozy wool blanket and spend the rest of the day chillin.

The nights were chilly but that’s where a kick ass cozy sleeping bag is your most valuable piece of camping equipment! We all got under that and stayed toasty!


The other great thing about fall camping is….no bugs!

We took a chance with a late fall camp, in a canvas walled tent trailer with no heat source, and we got super lucky!

One of our best camping trips.

Can’t wait till next season!

Until then we will make the most of the next few months…just 7 months to go…..