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We’re coming up to our three year anniversary. To say my boy has become cuddly is an understatement….dude is a snuggle monster. He now needs to sleep under the covers up against me. When we sit on the couch he crawls over to me and wiggles his way in for snuggles. He asks to be cuddled….he puts his paw on me and paws at me until I stop what I’m doing and pick him up for loves.

Three years ago this little boy was in a filthy puppy mill cage. He was a mess. He was neglected, abused, used, forgotten and never ever loved. Never cuddled. Never held.

I don’t dwell on that…that’s his past. But I remind people of his story so that one day we can bring an end to the puppy mill industry. I tell his story because people just can’t believe that this was a reality!  And yes, this is still a reality for so many dogs.

Wheatie got his happily ever after. It’s my mission to make sure he has a happy life every single day!! That when he asks for loves, I put down whatever I’m doing and I give him the loves. When he snuggles up to me and rests his head on me I look at him, I caress his little face and I tell him “momma loves you baby boy”. When he gets past a “trigger” and doesn’t freak out I make sure there’s a treat in my pocket to reward his progress. I kiss him all the time even though that still makes him a little tense…he tolerates the kisses!

My boy is one of a kind. He’s such a special little fraggle. Three years ago I took a chance and asked to see this terrified mess of a dog.

He was meant to be my baby boy.

Gawd I love this face……