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May Long, a weekend we all (im)patiently wait for, the countdown beginning somewhere around February 7th! Then, after Easter, when we get that first little brush with “Spring” and we all get antsy!  You know that fake out that Mother Nature sends us late March where the snow starts melting and the sun is high and the temperature goes above freezing….and we all venture outside with just a light sweater on!! Maybe we even pull out the BBQ just to get a little flavour of warmer Summer days that are coming! We crack open the windows, we get going on “Spring Cleaning”…. And then 2 days later, it snows again!

For me the joy is that Camping season opens but typically May Long is a miserable weekend….however, we all have high hopes, we pull our campers out and we cross our fingers that it WON’T rain (or snow) ALL weekend! Even the non-religious of the campers pray to some type of weather God on May Long Weekend!! It doesn’t matter though, we are all itching to get out and do something, anything, summer related!!

For 30 years I have been packing up and going camping on this sacred weekend…rain or shine, or in some cases, snow or torrential downpour with hurricane like winds, very rarely is it a gorgeous weekend from start to finish…but this year it was!!  I guess sometimes those prayers work!!

We did something different this year, something I wouldn’t normally do because it’s the first trip of the season, and for seasonal, it’s set up weekend…..but yes, we brought a guest. Don’t get excited & hopeful, it was a canine guest! I swore I would NEVER bring Bailey the Min Pin camping…she’s just too much energy for our little camper.

I believe the expression is “Never say “never”!” Because you see, my friends were in a bind, I’m their dog-sitter, their daughter had a volleyball tournament and it was May Long weekend….

*** Sidebar, I have a difficult time saying “no” to people who need my help.***

So along came Bailey the Min Pin! She’s actually much better now, and my fur littles are much better with her as well. She is just a way higher frequency of energy than my furballs…and Daisy has a very low tolerance for high energy in her space! Daisy wants everyone to “chill the f**k out”. (No idea where she gets that attitude from????)

But we did it! I fit all the “stuff” in the car, along with Bailey in her kennel! And we were off!

Camping with Bailey May long 2018 - 1We got to the campground, backed the trailer up into position and then the set up began. I brought the dogs out of the car, put out their dog beds and secured their tie out ropes and then went about my business to get unloaded and the trailer ready.

A few minutes late, I turned around and there was Bailey the Min Pin….making herself right at home on the top of the picnic table! She reminded me of someone on lookout in the Crow’s Nest! She found the highest point to keep an eye on everything! Those ears are always up, those eyes are always open, and she has big time “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out).

She also cannot sit still, so she managed to get her tie out rope in knots every 5 minutes! My dogs only move to reposition their sleeping position!

Anyway, we had a great May Long! The sun shined on us every day….seriously! Not a drop of rain….amazing! We hiked the trails, we walked the rocky shoreline, we (tried) to sit and read in peace!!  All in all, I’m pretty sure our guest had a great time with us. I wouldn’t volunteer to bring her again but I wouldn’t say no if my friends were in a pinch again, now that I know it’s doable.

We all survived being in a tiny camper with Bailey the Min Pin!!