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I think one of my favourite things about Wheatie, and there are so many, is that when he gets excited he “snouts” me. He nudges me with his snout, sometimes his mouth is open sometimes it’s closed, it’s not a bite, it’s like someone trying to pull your arm to take you somewhere, except he doesn’t have a hand to grab my sleeve so he uses his snout! It could be when he’s excited about a walk, it could be just when I get home, sometimes it’s because it’s meal time or he’s just excited and playing and he wants me to join in.It is always done when he’s excited. He snouts my legs. img_6836

Now, I’m sure some trainer somewhere is going to say this is some sign of bad behaviour or something….like an act of aggression cause he’s using his mouth and maybe I shouldn’t reward this snout nudging… It could maybe fall under the same behaviour grouping as jumping up, which I know is not encouraged.


But…yeah, whatever. He’s so happy when he does it, he’s so playful and full of joy in that moment, I’m just gonna enjoy his communication!  To be fair, given his background, he doesn’t get reprimanded much, the slightest raise to my voice and his tail goes right between his legs and you can see he gets fearful. He’s still so scared of so many things. Honestly, besides our on the leash issue around other dogs and him still barking at his reflection, Wheaton is very well behaved. His recall is better than Daisy’s. When I say “Stop” he stops, almost instantly. If I call him, he comes to me. Daisy doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do unless she sees the treat up front. She doesn’t fall for the “maybe Momma has a treat this time” trick at all! Wheaton always has hope that there could be a treat!! Snout

I’m use to Daisy being excited to see me and wanting to cuddle and snuggle….so if I get home and Wheaton is excited enough to give me a snout nudge, I’ll take it!

And be very happy to have been “snouted”!!