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Hello Friends!

Hecla Come AgainAnother camping season has come to an end…sniff sniff.  Our seasonal site closed Sept 16th and I had booked a couple more weekend jaunts at other campgrounds BUT Ma Nature wasn’t playing along so I cancelled. It’s no fun spending a camping weekend being cold AND wet, and given that it’s a canvas pop up camper with no heat source except for what the dogs and I create from our own bodies… +2 degrees Celsius and raining is not worth trying to get in one more weekend. I think we’d rather curl up on the couch at home (warm & dry) and watch a movie on the W Network! Hecla Waves

Sunset & Thunder StormsIt’s always sad to say good bye to another season. It’s goes too fast! One minute it’s the beginning of July and we’re complaining about how stifling hot it is and the next minute we’re 3 weeks till the end and leaves are falling! When you start off on May long weekend it feels like you have so much time….and once mid August hits it feels like it’s over in a blink. Done. Pack up.

We had a great season, plenty of hot Summer days, lots of hiking and beach exploring and lots of resting. This season was all about rest for me. Since losing my Mum in December, this year has been very difficult for me. Getting away to the camper for the weekends was the rest I needed. Camping is always an escape for me, a time to unplug, be in nature, and chill the eff out…but this season I needed it even more. When the season started in May I was suffering from insomnia quite bad. During the week I was sleeping maybe 2 hours a night, but once I got to the camper and had the quiet and fresh air I was sleeping most of the night and I felt no guilt whatsoever to lay down and have a nap with the dogs after a hike. So not only was it my escape, it was a place to sleep. Napping in a Sunbeam

Wheaton is such a camper dog.  This was his fourth season of camping and hiking. He loves it. The things he’s taken to so easily, given his puppy mill background, still amazes me. We are trusting each other more with the off leash time. *His recall is actually better than Daisy’s…it could be because he is way more food motivated than she is*.  He loves exploring and following his nose into all sorts of stinky things…like fish carcasses on the beach, dead frogs in the grass, goose poop…sniff it, eat it, roll in it…it’s all the same. He’s just such a funny little character.

And, did I mention handsome. He’s such a handsome boy. He’s only been our little fella Car Ride Snugglefor (almost) 4 years (anniversary of our adoption day coming in November) but it feels like he’s always been here. He’s just my funny little dude. I think Daisy even loves him now!! She snuggles in tight to him on the 2 1/2 hour car ride, and he loves it!!

I’m so blessed to be their human. I have more stories…but I’ll save it for the next blog entry.

Till next time…

With love & kindness,

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton