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I’m blessed. I really am. I don’t always feel it cause I can get wrapped up in my own shit, as do we all, so I need a reminder once in a while…but every time I look at these two furry faces I definitely FEEL it! IMG_4686-0

Before Wheaton came along, it was Daisy and I against the world. I had thought of getting a second dog and we would go meet and play with a doggie prospect…but it just never “fit”. I figured it was just gonna be me and Daisy against the world. I was a one dog Momma….Daisy was an only child….and she was totally FINE with that!!



And then it all changed when I saw one little photo of this scruffy scared Maltese named Wheaton. This was the picture that stole my heart. He still has his puppy mill tag around his neck. Maltese #265. If you’ve been following our journey you know Wheaton’s puppy mill history and his rescue story…if not, it’s all here in the blog posts.  We’re all disgusted with the mill business and we all wish we could rescue all the dogs still suffering in theses hells…but I’m not gonna dwell on that today.  This is a positive post about how far my handsome boy has come.  A celebration of Wheaton!  He’s been our boy for 4 years, the same amount of time he spent in the puppy mill cage. He’s 8 years old, 50/50 now…every day past his “gotcha” day we are ahead now!

You’ve read all my blog posts about how much of a character Wheatie is…he cracks me up! You’ve read how he can be a healer, a little 4 pawed Reiki Master. You’ve read about the little victories and milestones like the first time he cuddled up to me, or the first time he exposed his belly for a rub, or the first time he barked…etc.  Or the time when I came home and the two of them were curled up in the dog bed together. How about the first time he figured out what a toy was and engaged in “play”. You’ve followed our long, long journey of house breaking. And when he got to learn about camping & hiking, and took to it like a champ!  So many stories!!  Never mind the day to day stuff…the way he plays, the way he asks for what he needs, the way he still gets anxious, the way he still freaks out at other dogs when we’re out for a walk, the way he listens to me and responds. But most of all, and this is my favourite Wheatie thing, the way he will come cuddle up to me and I fell him relax one muscle at a time…trusting me. That’s the biggest blessing of Cuddlingall…the trust. It’s been 4 years with him. I never had to work for Daisy’s trust, she just trusted me. I’ve had her since she was a tiny puppy and she just bonded to me and trusted me. Period. Wheaton came to us really messed up. years of abuse and neglect and sickness and pain…people were not nice to him. Every movement meant something bad was gonna happen. He’s still a nervous guy if I move too fast. But the journey from where he WAS to now…it makes it difficult to even remember how scared he use to be because he’s come SO FAR! It blows my mind. Most of the time I just forget he img_7899has any issues, now they’re just his quirks! He’s a quirky dude!

I love my dogs. They are my children.  They are the absolute loves of my life. They are my priority. They are my life savers. When grief and depression hit me, my dogs were the ONLY reason I got out of bed /off the couch.

They are amazing little creatures. Their love is perfection.

Happy Wheaton Day! Hug your dog(s) a little extra today!!

In love and kindness,

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton