It’s a battle against bad dental genes! We brush, we use a dental gel, he chews his dental sticks and his bullies…and STILL every year for his annual check up his teeth are horrible!  I even bought a $29 silicone “dogs love this dental chew” thingy….which neither dog wants ANYTHING to do with EVEN when I put some coconut oil on it to entice them to try chewing it!!!

Wheatie had his annual vet exam 2 weeks ago and, of course, the teeth again! This time we thought just a cleaning but once she got in there it was a different story! I got the phone call that his upper right canine…his fang…had to be removed because it had an Canines_--_Dog.jpg (2817 bytes)8mm “pocket”, this is a gap between the root of his tooth and the gum…which leads to all sorts of issues and does not go away.  At 8mm that is a significant size and the tooth should be removed so the hole can close and heal.

(this pic is NOT Wheaton’s fang btw)

The canines are the teeth used for tearing and ripping flesh off carcasses…not something Wheaton does a lot of but still…he seems quite proud of his fangs. I was sad to give the go-ahead to the vet to pull one but I definitely didn’t want that “pocket” to lead to worse things.  Poor Wheatie. He is a trooper though, the vet office called me right after he woke up from surgery to tell me that he was good and coming out of the anesthetic very well…in fact he was doing his best “I’m fine, let’s go” impression! Like someone who has had one too many drinks but insists that they’re NOT drunk! That was Wheatie! His little half closed eyes, his wobbly steps, and the nodding off every 30 seconds told a different story though…this pup was still very stoned! He wanted to get out of the kennel and go home but he had to stay a couple more hours until the anesthetic wore off a bit more. When I got to the vet clinic to pick him up at 5pm I could hear him barking….I believe it was the “come get me” bark!!

HandsomeIt’s been a few days now, he’s licking and lip smacking because I’m sure the stitches are annoying him but other than that he’s his usual self…silly, food motivated, barking and pestering Daisy just like normal.

He’s so handsome. Such a character. Close up

And, tooth issues aside, perfect in every way! His weight is bang on, he’s very muscular. His heart rate is perfect, everything looks, sounds and feels exactly as it should be…no health concerns. He’s 8 now, and with his first 4 years of life being in a puppy mill…to say that he has no health issues is a very…VERY…good thing!

It’s my number one job to be the best dog momma I can be…these two furry faces tell me that I’m doing a pretty good job…even if I let them get quite scruffy and Fraggle looking before taking them to the groomer!

My Babies

FYI…they have been groomed since this photo!

With love and kindness…

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton