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Well, we haven’t been anywhere…we’re all still here trudging through day to day. I actually just realized the other day that I haven’t updated our loyal Wheaton fans in months!! Since November!! tsk tsk!

Zonked outCuddle Buddies

To be honest December was a shit month. I was on high anxiety alert and at the same time in a very depressed state with it being the one year anniversary of my mum’s death, I had a difficult time dealing with the whole holiday season….hibernation was looking like the perfect option! Of course my friends and family were being supportive and respectful but also pushing me (just enough) to hold some comfortable space in the festivities….and if I didn’t attend there was no pressure.  It wasn’t easy by any means but we all made it through to the other side in one piece.  And then….

Something happened. There was a shift in energy. I made it through the first year, I felt like I had fought an emotional battle, but I made it. When you’re fighting an emotional battle in your head & heart 24/7 it’s exhausting…especially while trying to still function in your mundane 9 to 5 life. There wasn’t much room for “more”. It was me & the dogs, and I was doing much better at taking care of them, they are my main priority after all. I was managing just enough for me to get through day to day. And then, like I said, there was a shift in the energy. I felt like I broke the surface and took a breath after being underwater for a year. There was light again.

Since the shift I have a bit more energy to “do” things again. I am attending a weekly yoga class (and a few yoga workshops). I’m also taking the fur littles to an indoor doggie play group every second Sunday….more on that in upcoming blogs!

Fun in the snowThe weather doesn’t always allow us the joy of our long park walks…we had a few weeks of the minus 30’s, 40’s and even hit -52C with the windchill!! But as much as possible, when a nice day comes we head to the park, or at least around the neighbourhood, for a good long walk! You gotta make the most of it when Winter weather lasts for 6 plus months!!

Wheaton is still his usual charming self. He loves his cuddles, he loves his walks, and he loves being a goofball too!

Pack Walk at the Park

We are taking care of Bailey the Min Pin for the next couple of weeks and the days have been nicer (-10C to -20C) so we’ve been enjoying pack walks at the park after work for the last few days! It’s been really lovely to get out in the fresh crisp air and wander through the snowy tree lined trails. The dogs are loving playing in the powdery snow and sniffing all the park “pee mails” they’ve missed!

By February I think we colder climate folks start getting a bit “stir crazy”. The sun is shining more and we want to get outdoors. We personally  have no problem with -35C days, the fur littles have their snowsuits and their boots but to be safe, they can only handle that cold on their exposed ears, tails and faces for so long!  We stay out as long as they’re comfortable and then we head in…Wheatie loves actually going in the snow, when we get back in the house his boots are full of snow and he looks more like a mini abominable snowman.  Daisy prefers to stay clean, warm & dry by sticking to a path.

That's the Spot

So, the point is, we are good. We are getting out and finding our footing again!

If anything, getting out more makes the coming home and cuddling on the couch time that much more cherished!

Right Wheatie….

“yeah Momma”


In Love & In Kindness,

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton