Sometimes Love is So Much…


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Honest, sometimes I look over at my littles and I feel an overwhelming love wash over me. Their little faces, their little paws and noses and their wiggly bums and wagging tails. Their soft pink bellies and their floppy velvety ears. They have these beautiful brown eyes that light up when I touch the treat jar! I love when they snuggle up to me and start falling asleep…and then they let out a little sigh. Because they are safe, and they know it. Protected. Loved.

They are my life, my loves, my babies. I am their protector, their provider, their Momma.

It is my main goal to make them happy, to keep them healthy. And to make sure they have the best life possible. Everything folks do for their children.

How is it any different for the furry ones?

It’s not. Period.

imageSometimes it’s just so much that I have to share with all of you. Please, hug your fur littles. Love them unconditionally, you are all they have. Honour that love. Be worthy of that love. Our time with them is far too short, make the absolute best of that time.


2 Little Dogs and a Camper


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Well, we are officially seasonal campers now. The camper is all set up and we are settled into our home away from home.

The routine is outlined…as often as possible I will frantically pack up Thursday after work and we will get out to the camper. I don’t hurry well. My anxiety tends to over take and I get really stressed….but once I am on the road I settle knowing that we are headed to the camper, you know, to rest and relax! Exactly what I need. I’m sure the process will get better once the routine gets more established. The first weekend to set up was May long weekend and the first Thursday after work departure was just last week. A little better planning and we’ll have this routine going smoothly.

Wheatie travelThis is the look that says it all…are we there yet. No dogs are more chill in the car than my dogs. Buckled in, all cozy, ready to….zzzzzzzzzzz

Wake us when we get there Momma.

Actually they know when we get there, as soon as the car slows down they wake up and Wheatie looks out the window. Then he gives a little whine and looks at me. I unroll the window and he sticks his nose out and gives a sniff…he turns back and looks at me….

“Hey, Momma, we’re at the camping place!”

We’ve got two weekends under our seasonal belt now. Both have been cold and rainy. Like see your breath in the air cold. So cold that Wheatie was under the sleeping bag with Daisy & me. I had to coax him under…but once he felt how warm and cozy it was under that big fluffy sleeping bag…he wasn’t going anywhere!

We did get a couple nice mornings where we were able to use our path down to the shore and walk along the rocks to the dog beach. The dogs rip around in the sand and chase each other. Then we walk the beach to the hiking trail. We get to the end and take the road back to the marina and then the trail back to the campground. It’s a nice hour long walk & hike. A great way to start our morning. As the Summer comes, and the weather warms (and dries) up, we will have many more of our morning shoreline walks.

We’ve also had only a couple dry evenings to be able to enjoy a campfire. We’ll get more of those too! All in all, a cold wet start but I’m happy with it all. The site itself couldn’t be more perfect. Now if all the other campers would just go away…..that was the best thing about getting there on Thursday evening…hardly anyone else around! I’m a quiet camper. I wish everyone else was too! 🙂


The Whhhheatie Whhhhhine 

Wheaton has started a new thing….a whine. He does this while in the car. I think he has it figured out that on the way home from work we go to the park….he’s loving the park. It’s kind of adorable. It’s a quiet little whimper. When we get to the park and I start to drive slow, he knows. Then he lets out his little whine….just one. I look back and he’s already waiting to be unbuckled from his seat belt harness…..he turns and stands up with his front paws against the back of the backseat. I know right! Adorable. It’s his communication.

I park the car…..and he is giddy to get out and sniff the park! “Let’s go Momma!!! Let’s go!!! I’ve got things to sniff…and pee on!”

I love his furry little head!

Every single day I am grateful for Daisy & Wheaton.

Bog Dogs


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We have Bailey the Min Pin mix this weekend. It’s Sunday so we headed to Birdshill Park this morning…..for a mucky hike through the Cedar Bog trail! img_7202-2

It started off well. All feet/paws were dry. So far so good….but I know this trail….they don’t call it Cedar BOG for no reason.

And then we got to the bog part. There was no way around. I scooped a fur little under each arm and Bailey was on her own.

First obstacle done. Couple more soggy situations…..and then I put the little white flurries down to maneuver around some puddles on their own. Aaaaand then we came around another bend and it was bog everywhere……

I scooped the littles up again and Bailey and I had no choice but to trudge straight through. Bailey loved it!! I’m glad I carried Daisy and Wheaton because in some places they would have been swimming, not puddle jumping. Haha.

Once one foot has been suctioned into the muddy bog….you might as well just commit and giver!! It was fun.

The dogs were pooped out. It was a great morning.

Just Say No….it’s O.K. 


A very dear friend asked me to dog sit. It was going to be for a week. It was going to include a weekend. The second weekend of camping season to be exact. I was torn. On one hand these people are such good friends…..on the other hand camping is my time. 

Now, some of you are asking….”why not just take their dog camping with you?”

Well….it’s not just any dog…’s the wiener. Zoe the wirey wiener. Very high energy and very much not liked by Daisy. That much energy and crazy just doesn’t seem to be what I want in my camper. Plus I don’t trust the little wiener so I don’t want her getting loose out at the campground! 

So I said no. I’m not good at saying no. I gave them the info for two very good “dog hotels”. I apologised. They totally understood but I still felt bad. Correction. The people pleaser in me felt bad. The me who works hard for those quiet days off, that will be spent in our camper just chillin with the fur littles, didn’t feel bad at all. 

A few times a little internal voice popped up and said, “are you sure you can’t just do your friends a favour?” but another voice over ruled……that was the voice of my soul. That’s the voice I need to listen to.  

Plus, nothing against that crazy wiener, but I think Daisy and Wheaton would appreciate my “no”. 

In the end, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. 

When it comes to camping….I was blessed enough to get a great placement in the draw. Then I was super blessed to get my first choice site! To be honest…I don’t want to be at home one single weekend!! I know things are gonna come up….my sister is due to birth my nephew sometime in the first half of July so there’s a good chance baby is gonna override some camping but that’s really the only concrete reason I would give up my precious coveted camping time. 

2 weeks and 2 days. Corny the Camper is ready. I’ve got my gear checked. Lists are made. Hell, I have all but packed my backpack and cooler! 

As always, I leave you with love and kindness. 

Little Wolves….


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The fur littles got a very special treat last night…..I tried something new for their dinner.

They had raw sirloin strip on a bed of turmeric seasoned quinoa with kale and zucchini….with a little beef gravy. 

They eat better than I do! I had a Caesar Salad from a bag!  

Can you say happy! Like little wolves with their lips smacking and their teeth shredding the flesh! Hahah. 

Well, not really shredding. I diced it up only cause they would swallow it whole. They devoured the sirloin. And wanted more! I let Wheatie sniff the whole slab of meat and he snatched it and ran! I got it back from him. 

I mixed it with the quinoa and veg cause the straight meat protein is too much for Daisy’s digestive system to handle…she needs fibre. 

I love my little canines! 

I figured this made up for the last week cause I had to supplement their homemade with mixing in kibble to stretch it till I could make more. I think they have forgiven me. 

They had more for breakfast Now they rest in their living sunbeam. 

Happy little doggies with full tummies. I think they’re pleased. 

Enjoy the day everyone. 


Hey Momma…Gimme Some Luvs


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Oh my boy is so snugly now. He just wants to be with his Momma. 

And let me tell you….I’m one proud Momma.

He wants to climb up and be close to me. He likes to be up against me. He comes and asks for cuddle time. 

I thought maybe it could have just been a phase but no…he keeps coming to his Momma. I’m so pumped about this forward step. I love my boy feeling so safe. This is what you wish for with a rescue dog. Every moment where they feel confident, where they feel safe, where they come to you with their tail wagging, is a moment hard earned. 

This moment is 2 years 5 months in the making. 

I love every chance he takes to; get closer, sit beside me, put his paw on my hand, lick my arm when he sits there beside me. These are all things that I never thought Wheaton would do….if you had told me that that terrified scruff of a dog that slowly came out of that kennel that day would one day lick my hand and ask for cuddles….I would have told you “ya right”. 

I didn’t teach him to do that. In fact I really haven’t “taught” Wheaton anything. He doesn’t “sit”, he doesn’t “stay”, he doesn’t do any tricks. I just let him be his own dog. He spent 4 years in puppy mill hell. He’s allowed to just BE  now. He figured out how to walk on a leash because that’s what we do. I prefer if he’s not an asshole when he sees other dogs on our walks….and we have a little chat about that….I prefer if he doesn’t bark at clients when they come to the office but they too learn his story and understand his bark comes from his insecurity. I’d like him to not pee when I leave the room and that’s something that has good days and bad days. But teaching him to do things is not what we’re about. I have respected his space and boundaries since day 1. 

The fact that he tells me that he would like a snuggle is all his doing. And that is what makes it all that much more awesome. He wants this of his own free will. He made that decision because he gained a little more confidence and feels a little bit safer. I provided that space for him. 
I love these furry creatures more than anything. I truly feel it is my purpose in life to provide the best life for them for as long as they will have me. 

I feel blessed to be their Momma. I’m very lucky. 

In love and in kindness.

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton 

My Very Own Luck Dragon


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Remember the movie The Neverending Story with Falkor the Luck Dragon?


Do you see a similarity?

My Wheatie boy looks like a luck dragon….he’s my Falkor…without the scales of course! And like Falkor, he likes to get a good scratch behind his ear! image


It’s been a slow week. We chill. We walk. Daisy & Wheatie wrestle and play. We snuggle. We eat. We snuggle more.

We’re closer to the start of camping season. Coming up to just 4 weeks away. I took the camper out of the garage this past weekend just to make sure no rodents made a home out of my camper over the Winter months. Good news….no droppings were spotted inside. I will need to open it right up to makes sure but I crawled in and checked the floor around the cabinets….and no surprises.

Now…we just keep waiting. My little Luck Dragon and my baby girl.



Summer Shavings


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It’s that time again….time for the Summer shave.


Naked Dogs

They were both so scruffy looking from our messy Spring walks at the park and a Winter of sweaters and boots causes some fur mats. Plus, as our hiking season begins so does tick season….and I want to see those little blood sucking bastards before they latch on to my fur littles!!!

They look so different when they’re naked dogs. So little. And pink. Haha. And with their ears done “to the leather” Wheatie looks like Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter.



Master has given Dobby clothes….Dobby is a free elf.





It’s always a bit of a shock when I pick them up at the groomer…..a good shock….a cuteness overload shock! They’re so little under all the fluffy scruffy fur!!! I forget how little, especially Daisy! She’s just a tiny pip squeak!

But now we’re set! Bring on the hiking……and in 5 weeks we will be having our weekend lie in… the camper!!!!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend….we’re off to the park now.

Psssst….Momma…Let’s Snuggle…..

This week has been weird….in the best way possible. image

I was sitting here on the couch watching TV. Blanket, tea, dogs in their spots which is Daisy on my lap and Wheatie just at my feet. Then Wheatie sat up, looked right at me and gave a little tremble. I asked him, “What’s up baby boy?” He trembled again. So I asked, ” do you want a cuddle?”. Surprisingly the answer was YES! He climbed up and over me till he was right up in my arms and he curled up.

Who is this dog??????? image

Then I thought this was a one off but he did it again the next evening. Then he did it when we went to bed. Then the third evening. He steps over Daisy and comes right up to my arms. I planted a million kisses on his little head. My precious little guy. Momma’s boy!

My boss, the one who likes to lie on the floor and cuddle the dogs a few times throughout the work day, even he commented on how Wheatie seems to have turned over a new leaf. He’s less “flinchy”.

Over the weekend while at a family dinner, Wheatie was on the couch with my sister and her man (G) and Wheatie was sitting there letting G pet him and stroke his head and neck. image

Maybe, just maybe we’ve turned a little corner…again.

I love my babies. They are my life. And I’m so proud of them both.