Summer Shavings


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It’s that time again….time for the Summer shave.


Naked Dogs

They were both so scruffy looking from our messy Spring walks at the park and a Winter of sweaters and boots causes some fur mats. Plus, as our hiking season begins so does tick season….and I want to see those little blood sucking bastards before they latch on to my fur littles!!!

They look so different when they’re naked dogs. So little. And pink. Haha. And with their ears done “to the leather” Wheatie looks like Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter.



Master has given Dobby clothes….Dobby is a free elf.





It’s always a bit of a shock when I pick them up at the groomer…..a good shock….a cuteness overload shock! They’re so little under all the fluffy scruffy fur!!! I forget how little, especially Daisy! She’s just a tiny pip squeak!

But now we’re set! Bring on the hiking……and in 5 weeks we will be having our weekend lie in… the camper!!!!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend….we’re off to the park now.

Psssst….Momma…Let’s Snuggle…..

This week has been weird….in the best way possible. image

I was sitting here on the couch watching TV. Blanket, tea, dogs in their spots which is Daisy on my lap and Wheatie just at my feet. Then Wheatie sat up, looked right at me and gave a little tremble. I asked him, “What’s up baby boy?” He trembled again. So I asked, ” do you want a cuddle?”. Surprisingly the answer was YES! He climbed up and over me till he was right up in my arms and he curled up.

Who is this dog??????? image

Then I thought this was a one off but he did it again the next evening. Then he did it when we went to bed. Then the third evening. He steps over Daisy and comes right up to my arms. I planted a million kisses on his little head. My precious little guy. Momma’s boy!

My boss, the one who likes to lie on the floor and cuddle the dogs a few times throughout the work day, even he commented on how Wheatie seems to have turned over a new leaf. He’s less “flinchy”.

Over the weekend while at a family dinner, Wheatie was on the couch with my sister and her man (G) and Wheatie was sitting there letting G pet him and stroke his head and neck. image

Maybe, just maybe we’ve turned a little corner…again.

I love my babies. They are my life. And I’m so proud of them both.



Our First Hike of the Season


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Well…it wasn’t a real hike being that it’s an asphalt path but it was through the grasslands and forest in a provincial park so it was closer to a hike than our walks in our local neighbourhood park. Real hiking trails are too mucky still.

Not that the dogs didn’t get messy!

Of course they did!

Wheaton the most of course!

We’ve got Bailey for the weekend. Our 10 kilometre hike this morning wore her out! The three of them loved it!
I loved it. I was born to be outside in the forest. The smell of the trees and the earth and the sound of the wind through the tall grass and the trees. The forest is my happy place and that has been passed on to my doggies. Daisy has been a hiking dog since her first hike at just a few months old….and Wheaton has taken to it like he’s been doing it all his life.

Sorry Wheatie….no off roading this time…we have to stick to the asphalt path!

It was great this morning to get out. To be in the trees. The fresh air. The fur littles trotting along with their little butts wiggling and their tails wagging. It was just the start of our favourite time of year coming up…the hiking and camping season….just less than 7 weeks to go and hiking Sunday’s starting up now!  

Look at this scenery….I know it’s not green and lush yet but it’s still beautiful in my eyes. There was this part of the path that goes through the cedar trees and the smell of the cedar is so lovely.

The cedar needles under our feet, the sun warming up the sap and bringing out the aroma of the trees. I love when we can start getting out on the trails. Daisy totally knows the difference…when we’re at our local park she gives up halfway and wants to be picked up. But this morning, 10k without any hesitation. We encountered a few other people with dogs and Wheaton didn’t have an out of control freak out…just a little fit. Mostly he just got right back to walking as soon as they passed by. See, we have our almost normal walk moments.  Maybe it was just the distraction of all the interesting smells?

So, we took a gray overcast gloomy morning and turned it into a beautiful hike through nature! Sounds perfect to me!

Perfection. And now I have three pooped out pups. Time for a cup of tea and a made-for-tv movie….we earned our couching for this afternoon.

Have a lovely day!!

When He’s Out….He’s OUT!

Being a dog is tough work. Exhausting work. Wheaton will sleep anywhere as long as he can squeeze in beside his sister. 

I find it so adorable when I look over at his different sleeping positions. He just makes it work. Daisy rules the dog bed. Wheatie just fits himself in wherever he can.

The weather is getting warmer, a bit drier (in some places), so our walks are getting longer. We hit up the park every day after work and even though the trails are all too mucky we still walk the loop road around. Wheaton gets to bark at the geese…aside from tromping through mud puddles, barking at geese is his next favourite park activity! 

Daisy’s favourite park activity is to give strangers her best Oscar performance as the “hard done by dog” to evoke sympathy and get belly rubs! She gets total strangers to stop in their tracks and rub her tummy! It’s her gift. She nails it every single time! She’s the Meryl Streep of dogs. 

Oh, and just in case anyone is counting down on their wall calendar….we are just under 7 weeks till camping season opens up!

Dirty Little Dogs


The park is sloppy place when your furry belly is only 4 inches from the ground. 

One particular little man likes puddles. And mud. 

I mentioned before that Wheatie never met a puddle he didn’t like! 

Straight to the tub with ya little buggers. 

There’s sand…..everywhere. It’s our new routine….park walk….then make a mess of the backseat of Momma’s car, get home and go straight into the tub for an under carriage wash. They’re use to it now. 

I think the dirtier Wheaton gets the prouder he is! 

He’s so darn cute! 
Handsome mucky little devil!!! 

He just stands in the tub and patiently waits for me to clean him up. Like he knows this is the trade off for getting so dirty. I guess he figures it’s worth it!

They have a grooming appointment in a couple weeks…..then it’s shave time!  

With warmer weather coming this week I’m pretty sure the walk-mucky-tub routine is going to continue. 

All good. If being mucky makes my little guy happy…we gotta do what makes him happy. 

Enjoying Spring! 

A Wheaton by Any Other Name



We all have “pet” names for our fur littles. Silly little names and nicknames.

I call my dogs all sorts of names;  Cuddle bum, Puddin, FlufferNutters, Doofus, Boober, Monkey Butt, Baby Boy/Girl, Mr. Handsome,  My Loves, Fuzzy Little Fraggle, Crazy Daisy, Sweetie Wheatie, etc….

What I find funny is what Wheaton gets called by other people….a few people call him “Winston” cause they can’t remember his name is Wheaton. My boss calls him “Bosco” for some reason. And now my other boss is calling him “Verne” based on a conversation we had about naming your children after your grandparents…I only have dogs but if I had had human babies I may have named one after my beloved grandpa Verne….therein lies the name switch from Wheaton to Verne.

I didn’t pick his name. Wheaton came to us as “Wheaton”. The rescuers at FAAR named him upon the time of his rescue.  In fact I had several other name options of what I was gonna change it too. But then he came to visit and he just was Wheaton. It just fit him perfectly. No other name would do.

I will still call him “Monkey Butt” and “Mr. Handsome” though!!

2015-11-09 07.49.59


Bursting with the Loves


Oh dearest Wheatie…..momma sure does love your furry little fraggle face. 

Like come on!!! Look at him!!
I know I’ve said it before and I will say it a bazillion more times…..I love my dogs. 

Their furry little faces make me happy. 

I’m so blessed to be able to take the dogs to work with me, I get to spend all day with my pups, so lucky. 

My fur littles are a gift in my life. My heart bursts with the loves. 

That’s me today…..just loving my dogs and sharing the vibe. 

Be well. Hug your dog! 

It’s Raining……Food!?!



imageThe other morning at the office I was getting ready to feed the dogs, having no fresh made food I was resorting to kibble on this day. I reached for the container and made the error of picking it up by the lid….the lid that is not securely clipped….and as I lifted it, the container burst open and kibble exploded everywhere.

I’ve never seen Wheaton so excited to have food falling from above. Oh it was everywhere and he was so happy!

“Food!! It’s raining food!!! It’s everywhere!!! “image

Now, some would lose their patience having just thrown half a container of dog kibble all over their office kitchen but I took a breath and looked down at how happy my dogs were to be “free ranging” their breakfast….and I laughed. They helped me clean up of course..didn’t even need the vacuum…they got every last crumb!

Sometimes life throws your kibble all over the floor……so sometimes you have to laugh and eat the crumbs off the floor.

We Made It


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It was a busy week with the lab puppy Zhoda. She definitely made life busy for a week…..and by busy I actually mean chaotic and crazy. I managed to figure out how to walk all three dogs at once….not an easy feat let me tell you!! Our walks were usually all three together and then I would take the puppy for a quick 1K run on her own to wear her out a bit more. On the last day of her visit with us it was so nice out I decided that we needed to attempt a park walk. I had all the confidence in the world that I could manage them all at the park!

And I did! It was fun! We all got pretty messy with all the slush and sand and puddles. It was great!! Puppy loved it….snow baths and puddles!! It was Lab pup utopia! 

Even Daisy was enjoying the park walk. Wheaton enjoys everything. He’s pretty easy to please. 

I’m so proud of my Wheatie boy. He just goes with the flow. He’s becoming more “dog” than “rescue dog”. Time is definitely healing. I see more personality developing and coming out. I see more confidence like when we were walking as a pack with the puppy he would take the lead but not in a pulling way. And if the puppy got too hyper, Wheatie would back off. 

He is still aloof with other people. But curious. He wants to check people out…he just doesn’t want them to reach out and touch him straight away. 

We can actually learn a lot from Wheaton; watch people, sniff them out, observe, show interest but keep your distance until they show that they are worthy of your trust. And once they are…give them a snuggle. 

Not a bad way to live. 

Wheatie, you’re pretty smart. 

The Puppy….the Mayhem….


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The puppy. 30 pounds. 5 months old. Paws of plenty. Total ball of energy and nonsense. 

Meet Zhoda. Aka, Daisy’s arch nemesis. If Zhoda even looks at Daisy sideways the snarling starts….and the pup thinks that’s the revving of the play engine! Ummm Zhoda…it’s not!!!

Wheatie isn’t sure if he’s supposed to like the puppy or not like the puppy…it all depends on if Daisy is watching. Not even kidding. He totally watches what Daisy is reacting to…..if Daisy is not upset then Wheatie is letting the puppy be his friend….if Daisy is mad at the puppy, Wheatie growls at the puppy. It’s kind of hilarious to watch him try to figure out…..Puppy good? Puppy bad? Then there’s the play. The playing is a bit dangerous as the pup is all paws and they are all over the place! She’s part black lab, part octopus! 

It’s exhausting trying to wear out a puppy! We walk, we play, we run, we roll around, we wrestle…..she sleeps for 30 minutes and wants to start all over again. And just keeping Daisy from going into attack mode is a full time shift! 

Oh. But cute. My gawd. 

And an absolute goofball. Just when you think you should tie her to the table to get her to sit still she looks at you with her big brown puppy eyes and flops down on your feet….and you forgive every thing she ate, every thing she knocked over, every time she crisis crossed the leash and almost tripped you, and every needle teeth bite to your hands….

We haven’t had a stay-cation at “The Ranch” since the last time we took care of Thule. It’s a year since Thule passed and being here taking care of a little miniature version with 100 times more energy is strange. I’ve only called the puppy “Thule” about 3 times. It’s my hope that when Zhoda matures, and the puppy crazy passes, she will be a good buddy to Daisy & Wheaton just like Thule was.  Given the amount of puppy crazy we’ve got on our hands this week….that could take a while. A long while. 

The puppy does nap. And she does need to get some time outs in her kennel to sleep and not bother the littles. Then we have calm and quiet and everyone is at peace.

That’s a good thing. We all need to chill for a bit. 

Time for tea……..or maybe wine.